about us

barn54 is an indie-rock band based in southwestern Germany, hitting you with pure acoustic string power, emotional piano licks, and infectious harmonies. Their music has a melancholic vibe and rock’n‘ roll feel, building a rich tapestry of stick-in-your-head melodies and unrestrained energy combined with a suitcase full of stories. At an early age, everyone in the band already had a deep love and passion for music. Growing up, they were heavily inspired by grunge, indie artists, and music from the 60s. If Ben Folds were to cross paths with later work from the Beatles, the vibes of Calexico, and a dash of Mick Jagger’s vocals, it might paint a picture of barn54’s sound. Their musical upbringing ranges from classical education to self-taught and melts in a unique songwriting style. Their endeavors are filtered through different perspectives, creating positive tension.


„We don’t stop until an uncomparable feeling kicks in, these smiles come out, and without a word being said,  we know that’s how it’s supposed to be. The band just likes to do things differently in music, and it’s great to have a variety of colors in our palette.“

 „Music is deeply personal for all of us – All the travel, encounters, and struggle put a spell on us, constantly framing and reframing memories – forming them into lyrics constantly.“


In early 2021 they transitioned to a working and touring band and have blazed a trail for their music career ever since. They have co-written songs with Kevin So and worked with Chip Fitzgerald. Their Song „Carry On“ was featured on US-Radio. Currently, they are working on their new album, „Down the Road,“ with two tracks coming out in 2023. The first single, „Headlights and Highways,“ was recorded in the Czech Republic and self-produced to give them more freedom in sound-shaping. Compelling melodies backed by swaggering basslines, overdriven guitar riffs, and hypnotizing piano licks create an exciting and sonically cohesive atmosphere full of introspection and stories from the road. In addition to pursuing their music career, they constantly work and build musarity. In this non-profit organization, they engage in their passion for helping people in need and bringing together musicians and different cultures from all over the world.



„With an energetic performance, they fire up their audience. Combined with solid lyrics, and catchy melodies, as well as love and passion for their music. You can easily picture them on the biggest stages“ – Stephan Gilliar – “Hügelhelden” – Germany


„One of the best nights we’ve ever had. We talked about it for months.“ – Steven Galle – „Sad Man’s Tongue“ – Prague



A look back

A series of tragedies, coincidences, and traveling the world paved the way for barn54. Klaus, an artful tinkerer, and Simon, a passionate musician, crossed paths in 2009. They became great friends and bonded over their shared love of music. A resulting songwriting collaboration led to countless compositions in the studio. The band is named after this recording studio, built in an old barn. 54 is the year in which Klaus Lang was born. Eventually, the duo wanted to know what the tracks would sound like with a live band. For that reason, they formed a project band with musicians from Germany, Italy, and France in 2016. The outcome is „Lost Tapes,“ an indie-rock’n’roll album released on June 9, 2017. In 2021 Simon decided to go on as a full-time musician. Forming a touring band with a dream of traveling the world with music, barn54 started hitting the road.  


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