The Kindness that Fueled Our Tour

Throughout our pub tour across the UK and Ireland, living and traveling in a van, we were deeply touched by an overwhelming wave of kindness from the people we met along the way. They opened their homes, made us feel like family, and we were heartwarmingly rescued when our van broke down. The generosity and support we experienced left an indelible mark on the band’s journey. In this blog post, we want to express our deep gratitude and share stories of the incredible individuals who went above and beyond to make our tour an unforgettable experience.

A Lifeline When the Road Got Tough: On the day we arrived in Scotland, our van unexpectedly broke down, threatening to derail the tour. Strangers immediately mobilized to help us get back on track. They went out of their way to locate the necessary car part within hours and connect us with friends to fix our van the next morning. Their quick actions and unwavering support ensured we made it to the next gig just in time, showcasing the power of solidarity.

A Hot Shower and a Sheep Farm: We were moved by the kindness of people who had simply met us in parking lots, which happened more than once. Despite being strangers, they opened their homes and offered us comforts we often lacked on the road, from a much-needed hot shower and a place to rest our weary heads to fellow campers taking us to their sheep farm and treating us to all kinds of small luxuries. These acts of generosity reminded us that we were never alone in pursuing our musical dreams.

Bar Owners as Lifelines: The bar owners we met on tour proved to be more than just hosts for our performances. They became our extended family, providing nourishment, warmth and supporting us in ways we never anticipated. We were humbled by their generous offers of food, drinks, and even the occasional hotel room, ensuring we had the energy and comfort needed to deliver memorable performances night after night. Their belief in our potential as a band gave us the confidence to keep pushing forward.

Beyond the Stage – A Community of Dreamers: We were privileged to engage with those who came to our shows. They were genuinely curious about our journey, our stories, and the challenges we faced as an independent band striving for success. Their unwavering encouragement ignited a fire within us, strengthening our trust to follow our path with passion and dedication. With every mile traveled further, we felt a strong sense of community among dreamers and musicians, leading to meaningful conversations and unexpected invitations to city tours, boats, and other intimate settings. These impromptu gatherings allowed us to connect on a deeper level, share our passion for music, and even engage in unforgettable jam sessions, paving the way for lifelong friendships.

Tattoos and Overcoming Self-Doubt: During a concert in Wales, we met a group with beautiful tattoos. After chatting for a bit, we were introduced to a tattoo artist who kindly gave us tattoos the next day, on her day off. This experience boosted our self-confidence, made us more outgoing, taught us to let loose and go wild, which we carried onto our stage performances. We often battle self-doubt and uncertainty about our future in the industry, but experiences like this remind us to trust our abilities and remain relentless in making it as a band.

Conclusion: Touring across England, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland, all the way up to Scotland, was a unique adventure that brought us many memories, experiences, unforgettable gigs, and, most importantly, encounters with genuinely kind-hearted individuals. Their compassion, selfless actions and generosity will forever be etched in our hearts as testaments to the power of human connection and the belief in the dreams we pursue. As we reflect on our time on the road and continue our musical journey in the studio, we are eternally grateful for the kindness of the people we met, for they have become a significant part of our story and strengthened our faith in humanity. We couldn’t have made it without you guys! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. See you all next year!

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