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"A brief history"

The History

Klaus Lang and Simon Buss met in 2005. Klaus is an artful tinkerer and inventor, Simon, a passionate musician. Eventually, the two had a conversation about Klaus’s tiny recording studio. Around the same time, Simon wanted to record a song for his mom’s 60th birthday—Bullseye – Coincidence. They became great friends, writing songs vigorously for years.  Eventually, the duo wanted to know what the songs would sound like with a full band. 

The Album „Lost Tapes“

They formed a project band in 2016.  Musicians, ages ranging from 22 to 63, got together from Germany, Italy, and France.  The result of all these wonderful people getting together is a kick-ass-indie-rock’n’roll album, with melodies that stick in your head and make you move.

The Band

Life comes in waves. The perfect day followed by personal struggles, new relationships, a full-time job swapped by full-time travel, awesome gigs, and friends passing. Overall, life is way too short not to live your dreams. In 2021 said and done. As a 3-piece band, a huge suitcase of stories, and a dream of traveling the world with music, barn54 is now hitting the road.

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